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More than work experience…

If you walk attentively through the Loreto compound, you will meet many young women and a few young men working alongside pupils, teachers, and staff in various compound areas. Most of them are former graduates of the Loreto Schools who are now doing an internship here and can apply for a study scholarship at the end of it.

During this time, they have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of professions—whether nurse, teacher, office worker, maintenance worker, gardener, or tailor—guided by trained staff and closely supervised. This hands-on experience allows them to understand better the professional world and, more importantly, discover their passions and talents.

In addition to gaining professional experience, there is also the spiritual side of the program. The young women meet with the sisters every week to listen to and reflect on the Sunday Gospel.

“It helps me to understand the reading in the service better, as I have already read it several times during the week,” says one, and another adds: “I am always very curious about the sermon and what thoughts Father Alan will take up because the sharing with each other has already shown how differently the texts speak to each of us.”

Going on a pilgrimage is a very special experience. Last year, some of our interns had the privilege of journeying to Juba to receive the Pope. This year, some of them organized the diocesan peace pilgrimage. And just last week, the entire group of interns went on a walking pilgrimage to Wulu.

Mary Athiei said,

We started walking at 6:15 a.m. from Loreto to Wulu. I felt so bonded to the group members spiritually, psychologically, and physically. The reflection that we had as we walked silently for about 30 minutes was incredible. I felt really close to God, poured out my heart to him, and felt relieved. The journey was fun as we interacted with one another and enjoyed the beautiful view of the hills and the amazing road.

The tired and exhausted pilgrims received a warm welcome from the Spiritan priests in Wulu when they finally arrived. After some prayers and a kind of catechesis, they said goodbye and went the whole way back. After 25 kilometers on foot, they reached Loreto, and all were happy and very grateful for that experience.

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