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Nuturing the leaders of the future

The Loreto Girls Secondary School (LGSS) strives to provide a holistic education to learners to help them develop intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally. At LGSS, we have a prefects’ body whose selection serves to bring out and nurture leadership skills and qualities in students for greater responsibilities in the future.

Prefects’ Body
The body is responsible for helping to set the atmosphere amongst the students and for maintaining and enhancing the ethos of a Loreto school: Truth, Justice, Freedom, Sincerity and Joy. The prefects have a vital role to play as they guide student behavior and mediate between teachers and students.

With guidance from the administration, they effectively and efficiently carry out the duties delegated to them for the benefit of all.

As the Patron of the prefects’ body, Mr. Joseph explains, “The student council (prefect body) acts like a link between the students and teachers as well as the administration. They are vital in ensuring the participation of students in the learning activities within the school. Participation of the selected prefects in the student council is part of the mission of the school which includes leadership training and empowering young women.

Our girls are given opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and confidence as they guide others. The student council also acts as a role model to the student body because other students learn from them. This is for the betterment of nurturing leadership skills and qualities in our girls so that they can realize their full potential as leaders of tomorrow.”

Discipline is at the epicenter of success and our prefects lead by example and demonstrate the values of the school by showing respect towards teachers and fellow students. They also help solve small issues among students and help instill discipline by correcting and counselling.

The prefects meet on a weekly basis with Mr. Joseph to discuss any issues related to their work. This opportunity to serve is a stepping stone for them to become exceptional leaders in the future, with a desire to embody virtues like accountability, respect and confidence in themselves and others.

Guided by the school’s head girl and her deputy, our prefects help teachers facilitate activities in the classroom, dormitory, as well as activities related to liturgy, entertainment and agriculture.

According to the our head girl, Christine Adeng, “Prefects help encourage Senior Ones learn English. They encourage students to work hard in academics. They guide students and advise students to conduct themselves with dignity. The liturgy prefects encourage students as they passionately conduct choir songs and call more students to the faith. Being a prefect boosts one’s confidence, audibility and social skills as you interact with students. The road is sometimes not easy but with the support from the administration and the staff we emerge victorious to make Loreto a better place.”

At the end of every leadership year (July-June), students are given an opportunity to apply for different prefect positions, and the teaching staff and administration appoint the best qualified for each position. The prefects undergo a one-week period of transition as they learn from the outgoing regime before they officially take duty. After service, prefects are also awarded certificates of appreciation.

On 28th July this year, the newly elected prefects were commissioned and the head teacher of LGSS, Mr. Yuga urged the new prefects to serve faithfully without favoring their friends.

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