The school has various clubs that students participate in during their free times. Some of these are listed here.

Peace club

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The club consists of 24 secondary school students with an interest in peace building and conflict resolution, selected from Senior 1 through 4, across ethnic lines.

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The club is headed by Mrs. Njuguna, it is concerned with the raising of the national and school flag during Monday and Friday assembly time and also during public holidays.

The club is well organised and meets once a week to practice and to discuss on matters relating to the club.

Debating Club

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It’s the biggest club in the school. All students of Loreto Girls secondary school are members.
Debates are held on Friday afternoon every week.

The students come up with the motion which is presented to the teachers for approval. The students get the motion on Wednesdays.

The aims of the club are

  • To help the students improve their linguistic ability.
  • To help students build confidence.
  • Give the students a chance to talk about emerging issues.
  • To help build future leaders.

The club is headed by the English Department.

Environmental Club

The club, headed by Sister Colette and Mr. Erick is concerned with ensuring the cleanliness in the school and also in the beautification of the school. The club also ensure that waste material in the school is properly disposed so as not to litter the school compound.

Culture and Drama

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The school is a cross-cultured institution comprising of learners from the greater Bahr-El Ghazal, the greater Upper Nile and the greater Equatorial regions.

The activities of the club have promoted unity and love among the learners as some picked interest in learning other cultures.

The club came into existence in 2010 2 years after opening the school. Our visitors to the school mostly get entertained by the cultural and drama club. This communicates the existence of different cultures in the school to the visitors The club is headed by Mr. Yuga.

Entertainment Club

In Loreto school Rumbek, we have the entertainment club which helps/aids the students to unwind after a week of studies and other activities.

The students have entertainment on Fridays and Saturday evenings, they watch educative and religious movies and documentaries.

Besides getting entertained they get useful information from the videos to help them grow mentally and socially.

The entertainment club also helps to nature the various talents in our students; such as singing, playing musical instruments, fashion and design and poetry. We have a musical class for the students interested in music 3 days a week.

We also have a school choir that meets every Thursday for practice. The choir leads songs during the school mass on Sundays and any other liturgical programmes.

The club is headed by Miss Migw.