The school has various clubs that students participate in during their free times. Some of these are listed here.

Drama Club

The club was formed on the 15th June 2017 by Primary 8 teacher, John Gor, with assistance from Gabriel Nyany (Primary 5) and Samuel Majak (Primary 6). The members of this club consist of over 50 students from the upper primary school (P4-P8).

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The club has 4 sections as follows:

The Acting Group - This group performs role plays and dramas;

The Dancing Group - This group performs local and international dances;

The Riddles Group - The group challenges the audience by presenting riddles that require reasoning and critical thinking skills for solving. These riddles cover a wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, CRE and Social Studies.

The Talent Group - This group features performs with unique body coordination or contortion skills.

Club Goals

To train pupils to express themselves in public without feeling shy;

To improve the standard of spoken English of the students;

To educate the local community of key issues related to education, school dropout, early marriage and pregnancy, hygiene and sanitation;

To promote messages of peace and unity in the country which is in a crisis as tribal conflict continues;

To train future actors and actresses.

Coding / Robotics

Every day, small groups of P7 and P8 students meet to learn the basics of coding and computer programming through educational apps on tablets.

This club helps students to develop their critical thinking skills as they learn to manipulate computer code, a vital skill in our technology driven world.

Remedial English and Mathematics

On Mondays through Fridays, small groups of P3 and P4 students meet to practice their English and Mathematics skills with the help of two teachers.

The small class size and slow pace of these sessions allow students to learn in a low stress environment with more individual attention from their teachers.

Let Me Speak Club

This club meets twice a week; Tuesdays for female P6-P8 students and Fridays for female P4-P5 students. The club is managed by Primary 7 teacher, Tabisa Agum, a graduate of Loreto Girls Secondary School.

During meetings, the girls learn about menstruation, hygiene and cultural practices that discriminate against girls and women. The club also provides the girls with an opportunity to develop their English conversation skills through poetry.

Sports Club

All students are encouraged to participate in sports which are played every day during break/recess and after lunch.

Sport at Loreto Rumbek

Students play football and volleyball competitively with organized tournaments such as the Principal’s Cup, between upper primary school students and teachers.

Engineering Club

Each week, small groups of P7 students meet to build simple machines and structures using wood or Engino (Lego-like) blocks, with the assistance of a teacher. This club helps students to learn the basics of engineering and to develop their critical thinking skills.

Science Exploration / Remedial Mathematics

School kids in a classroom

P5 and P6 students meet on Monday through Thursday each week, in groups of 20 or less, to conduct science experiments and to improve their Mathematics skills. The science explorations are based on the science topics currently being studied in class and are facilitated by a teacher.

Students are encouraged to participate hands-on, inquiry driven science experiments using science kits and local sourced or recycled materials. Students also use self-paced educational apps on tablets to practice Mathematics with the help of a teacher.