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School magazine launched!

Welcome to ‘The Mirrors’ – Loreto-Rumbek’s First School Magazine.

Over this year, the computer club students have steered students in featuring several articles which voice out students’ opinions and talents. It has been a platform where students sharpened their thinking, communication and imagination as they reasoned out, because expressing oneself needs creativity and confidence.

This has helped students improve their skills and talents in writing. To start with, students featured weekly articles on the school badge, inspirational quotes, health topics, poems and Mary ward as their inspiration.

In publishing these articles they also used computer skills gaining in and out of classroom. “The whole process equips students in advance skills not learnt in the usual class lessons like basic programming, troubleshooting laptops and PCs configuration and app installations. The budding of talents of students can be brought out” explains Mr. Wesley, the Computer teacher.

With facilitation from Mr. Wesley, students doubled efforts to work on a school magazine since the beginning of the year. Students covered various topics including religion, entertainment, interviews from various staff, humour, sports, guidance and counselling, fashion/design, general school life and school families, technology and academics.

Their compiling work was offered great support by Mr. Omari, the English teacher who had the role of the chief editor. These combined efforts yielded to the publishing of the first Loreto-Rumbek school magazine, ‘The Mirrors’.

Looking into ‘The mirrors’, you would read our history, and probably tell of our greater tomorrow. The magazine will be the window to the activities of the school. Through the magazine we are united with the past students thus maintaining the bonds of the school families which students hold dear.

According to Mary Abeny, a student in her first year of study in secondary, “The magazine is really good and I love it. It is a learning resource as we can read a lot about our school and its components. We can see the history of the school like how it started, pioneers and even the base of the school families which are very important because they give us a sense of belonging. Though I did not contribute in the articles, next time I will work hard to be a participant.”

It is from this work that our students have created a culture of working out of their comfort zone and giving more.

According to Hellen Nyanathuoi, one of the lead student writer in the magazine, “Through this work, students have created the habit of reading and writing. They also understand the value of co-operation and encourage healthy and constructive competition. The school magazine encourages the students to carry their own studies and extra-curricular with great zeal for their outstanding performance to find their way into the school magazine.

On 11/11/2019, the director, Sr Orla received the first copies of the school magazine, presented to her by Mr. Wesley, Mr. Omari and some students from the editorial team. Very impressed, Sr Orla thanked all for their tireless efforts to make the work a success.

Sr Orla said, “It is wonderful how the students assisted by the teachers committed themselves to see the work done. Students discussed contemporary issues with high levels of honesty and integrity. It is also the first magazine many of us have seen in South Sudan. This magazine is a dream come true for us and it is still good work in progress as it is a set priority for next year.”

The magazine has been a dream come true to Loreto students as they believe in the future of their school. Students saw different magazines from different East African schools and are now glad they have made one of their own.

The magazine can be downloaded from here. Please feel free to spread our magazine far and wide!

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