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Spiritual Growth is Essential too

Spiritual nourishment is essential in one’s life and development. Having faith helps us make decisions and teaches us on how to react to situations that confront us. It strengthens us during trials so that we can encourage others and ourselves.

Faith trumps anxiety and fear as we work to realize our life goals and purpose. Walking with God helps us embrace His Omnipresence and feel that God is with us and will provide and protect us.

Loreto provides a holistic education and this puts into consideration the spiritual aspect of growth. We help our students grow in their spiritual walk and meet their spiritual needs by observing the activities of the church besides conducting the ordinary prayers. Students also learn about Catechesis and have Catechism classes to prepare them for baptism, holy communion and confirmation.

We also have the halleluiah dancers who dance during the Eucharistic celebration in their elegant uniforms.

musical instruments

Our students learn active participation in mass as they’re trained on how to play musical instruments, specifically the keyboard, and general music. Students attend choir practice on Thursdays and the school choir meets on Saturdays to get ready for Sundays when our mass is conducted under the shade of a large neem tree.

Different students are picked to conduct the choir as a way of training them. This helps them grow spiritually and all rounded, and others explore their talents and probably future careers.

As Maria Nyanadong explains, “We learnt for three weeks with my friends. I was interested to learn and I thank the school for the opportunity. If I go home, I can play the keyboard in the home church. I didn’t know I could play but it has helped me discover my hidden talent and abilities. It has helped me deal with my fears and believe in myself because I can comfortably play the keyboard in the congregation.”

The entire month of October is dedicated to the Mother of God under the advocating of Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated by the Church. Over the month, the students have been observing the Rosary month by praying every evening.

After sunset, they sit in the corridors where they can utilize the lights to pray the rosary, before starting their preparations for the night.

As Monica Awal explains, “In the evening, we gather along the corridor so that we can sing some songs and pray. The prayers help us strengthen our faith as we seek God’s guidance and protection through Mary. Prayers help us feel encouraged as we walk with God in our daily lives and feel secure amidst many life trials and insecurities.”

On Sunday, 14th October, Fr. Augustine who presided the mass led a celebration of the last blessings of the year to the St Kizito Rosary group, with a blessing of the place where they meet to pray the rosary.

The St Kizito Rosary group aims at educating locals and strengthening relationships with our construction workers who are also from Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. Their work has strengthened the faith of these workers. Mr. Bogere, who is in charge of the construction workers encouraged and thanked the team for group for their support.

We believe that praying together will help keep us safe, and that our students will pass on Christian values to others as they live them out in their daily lives.

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