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Staff training – reaching our goals through team building

At Loreto Rumbek, we believe that motivation and productivity are two of the main goals of team building. Sharing in teams creates a platform that builds trust among coworkers. When teachers freely share ideas, their hidden skills are revealed, which could potentially increase efficiency. Team building is a process that can help to inspire and uplift spirits as they learn to trust each other.

On Saturday 13th April 2019, nineteen Loreto Primary School teachers participated in a team-building exercise. It was facilitated by Br Julius and Br. Eustace, teachers at the De Salle Boys Secondary School, Mrs. Ruth Njuguna, a teacher at Loreto Girls Secondary School and Ms. Nicole Hess, the basketball coach.

This program aimed to encourage and inspire teachers, and to provide a space for discussing their experiences. Teachers participated in team building activities that were fun and motivational. The day’s events focused on helping them to build skills in communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

In the first session, the facilitators described the twelve virtues of a good teacher. These included wisdom, prudence, piety, zeal, generosity, justice, kindness, firmness, humility, patience, seriousness and silence. The facilitators encouraged teachers to always give clear information and to allow the learner time to process.

According to Ms. Christine, a Kindergarten and Primary 1 teacher, “The team building workshop was very resourceful, helping us gather more knowledge and experience. We have learned qualities to implement and others to change on. I have learned how to deal with children’s behavior, controlling and correcting them and bringing them up to the same level of understanding. I have learned that methods like role play and dramatization would be helpful for my class. Passing a message, without changing the meaning, would help children learn how to communicate effectively.”

The acronym TEAM – Total Empowerment through Activities and Motivation was also used to help teachers to think through teamwork. Teachers were also urged to ACTION – Always Complete The Immediate Objectives Now. The facilitators also encouraged participants to always move in the same direction as a team. They were also taught that no matter how delicate a situation, team strategies are essential to finding solutions.

Staff at our Teamwork workshops

Primary school staff at our recent Team building workshop

The participants also played games to help them to learn about teamwork. The games included a trust fall, relay races, an obstacle course, and strategy games like the human knot tangle. The games highlighted the fact that trust is the foundation of a solid team and that outcomes can be improved through teamwork.

Through the games, the teachers learned how each individual’s action could affect the whole team, the importance of cooperation and unity as they work towards a common goal, and the importance of clear communication in teamwork.

After the discussions and games, teachers shared their personal experiences from the day, reflecting on the impact of the team building exercises.

According to Mr. Luka Laat, a Primary 8 teacher, “From the games, I’ve learned to be connected to co-workers since working as a team helps us easily reach our goals. Courage and persistence in team work helps us reach our goals. We should also seek to make a difference.

The story of a starfish covered in the morning session described how a starfish was forced out of the seawater by tidal waves. How a girl decided to take it back to the water but an old man challenged her that she should leave it because there are so many fish outside and it won’t make a difference taking one back. With persistence and courage to make a difference, she helped the starfish back to the seawater.”

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