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Standing up for children – Child Protection Training at Loreto Rumbek

Schools and society should work together to create an environment for children that fosters healthy relationships and positive self-esteem as they grow. Many South Sudanese homes and schools routinely practice beating or caning as a way of disciplining children.

Research shows that can be counterproductive and may make them hostile and fearful when at home and in school. A new approach is needed that respects the rights of the young person, while providing clear, unambiguous guidance on a what constitutes appropriate behaviour.

Jamsina Cholhok

Loreto Graduate – Jamsina Cholhok

Loreto Rumbek prohibits physical punishment in both our Primary and Secondary Schools. As part of our safeguarding programme, we extended our child protection training to encourage the local community to look at alternatives for disciplining children rather than just beating them.

Jamsina Cholhok, a Loreto graduate trained in child protection policy and practice in Kenya, is now working with our students and staff children around the issue.

Specifically, she is studying what should be done by families and teachers to protect children from violence and exploitation.

Jamsina believes that

Child protection is important, because in the family, school, and community, children should be fully protected so they can survive, learn, and develop to their fullest potential. However, the sad reality is that millions of children are not protected”.

“Many of them deal with abuse, violence, neglect, exclusion, and discrimination on a daily basis. I am happy that Loreto Rumbek is standing up for children to create in them a sense of self-worth and confidence.”

We all have a role to play in order to create confident leaders or members for the future of South Sudan. We should embrace child protection in our schools and communities and not to see it as foreign innovation.

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