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Students mark end of term with Talent Show

After the end of a busy term and exams, we let our students relax from exam anxieties with several co-curricular activities. On Saturday May 5th 2019, students participated in a talent competition to mark the end of a busy first term of the year.

In the midmorning, the Loreto family gathered under the neem trees to be entertained as students presented modern and traditional songs, a vast range of cultural and modern dancing styles and genres, drama, comedy, poems, songs and mimes that they had composed themselves, tongue twisters, spoken word and art showcasing their drawing skills.

The exercise was competitive and awards were presented to the winner in each category. This encouraged student participants to work hard.

According to Colletha Benty, “It helps students identify their talents and build them. This also boosts students’ courage and self-esteem. Students can also use these opportunities to build up their future careers and interests. It also helps students understand each other better and appreciate diversity. Students learn to be more outspoken and build personalities like leadership and loyalty as they have to work together for success.”

Students displayed a wide variety of drawings with some showing Sr. Orla and Sr. Penina as pillars of hope in the school. Others depicted how a Loreto girl should physically present herself neatly, roses to show love for one another, the spiritual aspect of trusting in Jesus, societal virtues such as the right way to marry, hard work, horseback riding and basketball.

Generally, the presentations shunned vices and encouraged students to adopt virtues and to cling to hard work. For instance, a poem entitled “The lazy man,” presented by students of Senior 3W, encouraged students to work hard and to exploit their full potential, not only in education but in all their endeavors.

A play by Senior 1 students entitled “Cross the bridge” described the challenges one would encounter as one maneuvers one’s way to success, and encouraged students to successively overcome one obstacle after the other. Overcoming the obstacles was symbolized by actions like ‘carrying the rock away,’ ‘crossing the bridge,’ ‘jumping like a frog,’ ‘splitting the firewood’ and ‘fighting the gateman.’

According to Sandra Adit, one of the participants in the play, “We chose this play because many people face challenges and feel discouraged thus failing to achieve their dreams. For instance, I could literally look at the wood and wonder how I would split the wood with my tiny hands. That’s symbolized how many of us would face challenges and feel like it’s so magnified. We should feel equal to the task and fight all the way to success.”

These live performances support students’ talents and in various presentations, students look up to their fellow students as role models as they admire characters portrayed in different roles.

The teacher in charge of entertainment, Ms. Anne Nyasir explains,

“Today’s activities help students to be more outgoing in the society and more students discover what they are good at as they also learn more from one another. We support them so that they can realize we have their interests at heart.”

We hope our students will use these opportunities to create a more peaceful environment within, and in the larger society.

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