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Celebrating exam success with our newest graduates

In South Sudan, women and girls have less privileges and limited opportunities. Girl child education is not a simple phenomenon in a young nation that is still developing, considering the challenges it still faces.

When we educate girls, their success is a great milestone for the success and development of the whole nation. After school, the girls have higher chances of securing jobs immediately in the limited job market, for instance, some work in NGOs or offer community service.

The earnings help them support their families, while giving back to the society. Some come back and work at Loreto, enrolling in our professional internship program for graduates. This helps them gain experience in the fields in which they wish to work in future, and most of them receive scholarships for further study. During the internship, they live on the Loreto compound, which helps them mitigate the risk of being forced to marry, before leaving for further studies.

In Loreto Girls Secondary School, we believe that when a woman is educated, the whole society is educated and hence we work hard to provide the necessary support to prepare our students to tackle the (Senior 4) national exam.

National Exam results

For the third consecutive year, the Loreto community is proud to announce that our candidates (forty-eight in number) have all excelled in the national exam with a minimum average score of 74%. We are thrilled that they all made it, with seven of them emerging among the top ten in the state.

They will be able to start their university studies and pursue the courses of their choice. In time to come they will change lives not only theirs, but touching the nation and the world.

It is also a wakeup call for the rest of the students to work harder with more zeal. It motivates our current candidates for the Senior 4 national exam, and other students, strengthening their belief that they can make it and become agents of change despite challenges like forced marriages and less opportunities.

As one of our current candidates, Flora Amer Bech of Senior 4 Arts explains, “I am motivated to work harder because if my school mothers have made it, I can make it too and I’m even willing to do better and make Loreto shine more in the wider society. Our school mothers advised us to do the most we can and we’ll be proud so long as we do our best. They also encouraged us to embrace teamwork which is a necessary tool for success. As candidates, we should get a good example from our mothers and support each and attain success.”

Celebrating our successes and looking to the future

On 20th July, 2019, the Loreto Rumbek family celebrated the victory brought to us by our graduates, who joined us to celebrate under the large neem trees. As we all enjoyed an atmosphere of victory, the graduates encouraged the current students to work hard and follow their footsteps – to keep Loreto shining in the wider society. The graduates stressed the fact that life out of school was not as easy as one would think.

Sarah Kuc is one of our celebrants and she addressed the students. In her speech, she thanked all for the continued support, without which the candidates would not have made it. She encouraged the girls to cooperate and work without fear of the challenges they all face.

Our success can be owed to the donors who have always ensured we have the supplies we need, the admin, teachers and students who have always supported us in various ways. We shall take this success with us to make great women of tomorrow. You all deserve our thanks and blessings. For the students, I’m emphasizing that you all remember the power of team work.”

The students applauded in joy as they took the words of wisdom from their school grandmother.

The principal, Sr Orla Treacy was happy with the graduates who held Loreto high even while she was away. Sr Orla encouraged the ladies to be strong and be ready for the future.

“Be assured that you aren’t walking alone. You were used to working as a group before, but being alone will help you to be independent and strong. We are so proud of you ladies.”

After a few moments of dancing by the students, the graduates joined the students in the school families they hold dear, encouraging one another as they shared a meal prepared by the Senior Three students. In their one-on-one talks, they encouraged students to exploit their potential so as to secure the limited opportunities available to them.

We hope this day will create more zeal for our students to work harder and embrace the vision of Mary Ward.

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