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Excitement as Loreto students receive school kits from MCC

On a calm Tuesday morning in June, about 300 students at Loreto Girls Secondary School were settled in their classrooms, their faces bright with expectation as they each received a school kit donated by MCC.

Every kit contained a ruler, a set of colored pencils, 4 notebooks, 8 pencils and an eraser in a lovely cloth bag. The school provides stationery for all learners, so the students were glad for these special items that will be useful for art, revision and note taking, especially for those preparing for the national examinations.

According to Aluong Luka of Senior 4 Arts, “The items are really helpful. We also received such in 2016 while in Senior One. We are going to use them as revision materials as we start to prepare for final exams and improve on the subjects we are weak in. We can also use them when our books fill up before collecting a new one. The rulers are so nice and cannot break as they are highly flexible.”

The donation has stirred the students’ zeal to learn, and they are re-energized to improve. It is also instilling in them an urge and aspiration to share. Aluong Luka explained, “I’m so grateful that we got them and we should even work harder to improve our grades. That will show our gratitude and it’s a reward from us to those who had the good heart to supply us with them. It is also a lesson to us that we can share what we have with those who are in need.”

The students have a vast range of uses for their items, as Florence Piath of Senior 2B describes, “I’m using one of my books to write some of the things in the Bible I find good to remember like the proverbs. Other students from my class are using their books to write articles on and practice more work on art. They are helpful.”

After issuing the kits in the secondary school, the donation was extended to the Loreto Primary School where more than 1000 primary pupils were served with the same parcels. The pupils are overjoyed that they will be able to use the bags to carry their books as they walk to and from school every day.

Daniel Mabor is a six-year-old Primary 1 student and he explains, “I will be using the bag to carry my books as I walk to and from school. I will use the books and other materials to write. I am very happy to receive these items.” Elizabeth Amakou, also in Primary 1 adds, “I will use my bag to carry the books as I will be writing on them. Even if the books are too big for me I love them. I will also share them with my sisters.”

For the upper primary students, the stationery items are useful as they prepare for national examinations. According to William Khaman of Primary 7, “I am happy about the items because I will use them to prepare and do writings. I was once given these in 2016 and we are happy to receive them again. They were of much benefit and these will help us too. I love the bag so much I don’t want to give it out. I’ll share the books with my siblings.”

Monicah Nyanhok of Primary 7 explained that she would use the books to make summary notes while preparing for examinations. She added, “I also wish it was possible we receive them every year.”

As the students completed their school day and the young ones left for home, their hope for another day of learning was palpable. The students were very grateful and appreciated those from afar who showed their love through these donations.

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