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Loreto Rumbek welcomes back Sr Orla Treacy

July 2nd, 2019 marked a big day and great time for Loreto Rumbek as the community welcomed back the school mother and Principal, Sr Orla Treacy. The day comes after several months of waiting and weeks of preparation.

On a Tuesday midday, a group of students, staff, clergy, the area’s paramount chief, workers and some surrounding community members left the Loreto compound. This group left in a fleet of 10 cars and a bus to the Rumbek local airport to welcome Sr Orla Treacy back from the extensive break.

Sr Orla came in the company of Mrs. Siobhan Murray and on arrival at the local airport, the staff and the students danced as the rangers marched to welcome the duo.

According to Sr Orla Treacy, “For the nine months I had been away, I was involved in part of a program with other Loreto Sisters all over the world. It was a busy time and every day I missed all the Loreto community, the weather and rice and beans. Besides, I kept you in prayers.”

From the airport, the convoy proceeded to the Holy Family Cathedral for blessings, and afterward to Loreto where the rest of the Loreto community eagerly waited.

A big procession, led by primary school scouts and secondary rangers, smartly uniformed, marched from the nearby Indian Farm (about 1 km away) to the secondary school’s dining hall that was elegantly decorated just for the occasion. In the school, she was received with ululations, songs from primary and secondary students, dances and a poem recognizing her award.

Her homecoming brings us pride and the joy of victory to the Loreto Rumbek community and items were presented in honor of this victory. Sr Orla explains,

“Over this 9-month period, I won the Women of Courage award and Dublin City University (DCU) pupils’ award. There is a lot of interest and support for our work here in South Sudan. These awards have given me a chance to share the story about our work, incredible students and staff.”

Sr Orla’s great efforts and work in Rumbek is in the heart of the Loreto community and creates a zeal for many to emulate her. The secondary school’s head girl, Ms. Christine Adeng narrated that the student body looked forward to this great day to see their principal and heroine again.

Fr. Andreas added, “It’s a day of happiness to welcome Sr Orla back. By winning these awards, she carries South Sudan to the rest of the world and this brings a theme of unity and reconciliation which is very important to us. We should all be like her.”

The secondary school’s headteacher, Mr. Yuga Charles also acknowledged Sr Orla’s great work and encouraged her to keep working for the vision of Loreto-Rumbek mission.

It’s a good time for all, especially the Loreto Rumbek 2019 intake classes – Kindergarten, Primary 1, Transition Year and Senior 1 students, for whom it’s their first time seeing the principal and mother of the schools.

We are happy to have Sr Orla back and we look forward to brighter days!

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