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Promoting Peace and Unity Through Sports

At Loreto, we help our staff and students learn that there is a strong relationship between academics and co-curricular activities. Games help teachers and pupils to relieve stress and to reenergize. Healthy play also enables learners to be more engaged, effective and motivated, which helps to improve their academic performance.

Last term, primary school teachers learnt about the importance of games in a workshop facilitated by the sports coach, Ms. Nicole Hess.

The teachers participated in games including leapfrog and red rover that help students to learn about cooperation. Other games like crab walk race, Simon says and red light green light help pupils to learn how to follow instructions and to pay attention.

To support our students’ participation in co-curricular events, the school holds a major sports day at the end each school term. On 2nd May 2019, primary school students played various games including hula-hoops, jump rope/skipping, jump frog, tug of war and volleyball. The pupils enjoyed the day because it provided them with an opportunity to relax and to compete with one another in a friendly way.

On 2nd and 3rd May 2019, the secondary school students participated in various games including shot put, javelin, volleyball, basketball, sack race, tug of war and team building games. Sports allow the Loreto family to unite, and our graduate interns engage in playful competition with the secondary school students.

As one of our graduate interns, Magdalena Amakou explains, “It was a good opportunity to interact with the students – “our daughters and granddaughters” and we learnt lots of skills from each other. We also get a chance to discuss on life issues and issues that affect them.”

Through games, students have acquired skills to apply to their academics and daily activities such as teamwork and leadership. Games and sports have also helped our students develop a sense of friendliness and a spirit of togetherness because students from different ethnic backgrounds work cohesively for the success of the team.

According to Mary Ajak of S2M, “Different students are picked from each class to form a team and must cooperate to be the best team. Since each class has equal opportunities for producing players, it is a good opportunity for some students to learn more. We are encouraged to always play because it keeps us free from sickness and refresh minds because reading without playing makes Jack a dull boy.”

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