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Loreto welcomes new graduate

Duruka Nyanyiir is an alumnus of Loreto Secondary School from 2012-2016. She is a dedicated person and one of her many plans was to finish university.

Being part of a large extended family, her parents were not able to support her further studies after her secondary exams. Her desire to study gave her the motivation to enrol in the Loreto internship program and progress towards a scholarship.

She worked for two years and through this experience she developed an interest in doing a Degree in Logistics and Procurement. She went to Kampala International University, Uganda to do her Bachelors’ Degree.

She wanted to build her own enterprise, becoming independent and self-reliable. This can be a real difficulty for a Dinka girl. Her parents were always supportive and were happy when the school granted her the opportunity to study. At school, she faced the same challenges as any other student does. Deadlines, course work, and semester exams were the order of her school life, but she put in a lot of effort and persevered.

Four years later, in early November 2022, she wore her graduation gown and waited for her name to be called on stage. This was the moment she had been anticipating all her life.

After graduation she decided to come back to the place that transformed her and that was Loreto. She wants to give back to the school and help the girls see the light at the end of their tunnel. She advises the girls to have a positive mindset, work hard academically, and transform themselves by embracing new skills and character traits.

She is grateful for the support of Loreto and prays that it will continue to help transform the lives of more young girls from all over South Sudan.

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