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Pilgrimage to Juba – a walk of peace

The theme of the Pope’s visit to South Sudan is ‘I pray that all may be one‘. It is an important opportunity to revitalise the peace process here and to foster healing and reconciliation.

Loreto has selected some students, interns, and staff to take part in a walking pilgrimage from Rumbek to Juba. It is not just about walking, but is also a reflection on one’s life based on the challenges faced along the way.

The Pope’s visit has been very much in our prayers. It was supposed to take place last year, but due to ill health was postponed. By God’s grace, the visit was confirmed again to take place in February.

Our walking pilgrimage is estimated to last for nine days, running from the 25th of January to 2nd of February, arriving in time to welcome the Pope. The school, together with the Diocese of Rumbek, are delighted to try this new experience. They plan to cover a distance of about 20km each morning and perform a drama about peace and justice in the villages along the way.

This pilgrimage is a walk of peace showing togetherness, as different people become one. Furthermore, it is a journey that helps people deepen their connection to God, encourage self-discovery, and provide a time that will help them to learn the roots of Christianity. The trials faced are compared to those of our life and through this walk we search for answers and reflect on the meaning of life.

During this journey, prayers will be recited to grant safety on the road. We hope that the Pope’ s visit will bestow blessings on the people of South Sudan and help them restore the unity and peace in our nation.

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