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Preparing the Leaders of tomorrow

In the Dinka culture, girls are seen as a source of wealth through marriage and are not given the opportunity to pursue their dreams. This is one of the major challenges faced by Loreto School for Girls. Over the years, the perception about education has gradually improved and the number of parents encouraging their daughters’ education has grown.

Loreto has provided many opportunities for the girls to better themselves in school.

Extra-curricular activities, such as debate club have given a voice to the girls that helps them build their confidence in public speaking. The girls learn to be articulate and be able to share their views.

A good example of this was the speech given by the Loreto Head Girl, Tina Ariong, to local leadership last year. She delivered it as a true leader, commenting on the weakness and strength of the education system. The speech widely circulated and aired on TV and radio stations.

One of the girls says,

“Whenever I am given the chance to speak, I experience a euphoria that the stage is my arena and I must own it”.

This statement proves that not only are they gifted, but also have a strong self-confidence. They have beaten the stereotype that girls cannot be leaders. They have actively participated in school politics, following the campaigns and elections for our prefects.

This road has been prepared for them by the school, as the elections are carried out in the same manner as the national elections. Many have dreams to become lawyers, politicians, and diplomats. They want to bring about a difference and also increase the representation of women in government.

They are following the dream of Loreto’s founder Mary Ward who said that, “Women in time to come will do great things.” This is an encouragement to the girls here to be role models to others and to work hard to bring change and prosperity in their future.

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