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Peace club welcomes MCC to the school

On 9th October, a group from the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) visited Loreto and were entertained by the Loreto Peace Club members. During their visit, the students gathered under the neem tree to entertain our guests. They performed cultural dances and staged a play on the theme of forgiveness.

The play was based on the book, “Cry the Beloved Country,” which is currently being studied by our English Literature students.

According to Hellen Along, “The play featured the good values we should show in the society like embracing and appreciating each other for who they are. We should also express values of kindness, love and selflessness in our dealings. Forgiveness is the key to the healing of a nation and bringing up a peaceful community. These values strengthen us as we strive to be agents of love, peace and reconciliation.”

Through the support of MCC, the peace club carries out activities and educational sessions to promote peace building, trauma healing and resilience within and outside the school community.

The members are agents of peace and reconciliation and spread their wings to the wider society. The club shows love and kindness to the needy through regular visits to the local orphanage.

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