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Student visit to the Rumbek state hospital

On 20th October 2018, the peace club members were privileged to visit the Rumbek State Hospital for the first time, in lieu of the orphanage. The peace club members participated in various activities – cleaning and dusting some patients’ wards and sweeping the compound.

Cleanliness is crucial in healthcare settings to help uphold the dignity and comfort of patients. For Loreto Peace Club girls, the cleaning activity provided an opportunity for them to reflect a culture of concern for patients.

Agum, a cleaner, thanked the girls, noting that a clean environment will control and prevent further infections to patients. “I’m very happy because they have helped us with cleaning. There have never been an able group that has done the cleaning this way, especially in the ward of the wounded patients. I wish more youths would come and do the same here instead of being idle outside. Gratitude is all I can give because the community needs such people,” said Agum.

After cleaning, the peace club members visited the children’s ward, filled with infants and young children, sharing biscuits with them.

For the peace club members, outreach activities like the visit to the hospital are essential for showing solidarity with community members.

“Cleaning the environment helped me feel like I am part of what I’m taking care of. Cleaning helps people feel cared for and encourages them to take care of themselves too. I felt the pride and satisfaction brought by our good work. It is also a good example to the community and the young people as they grow up emulating us. The exercise encourages (supports) girl child education as educated girls showed an example of demonstrating the values of good deeds like good leadership and servanthood to influence the society positively,” explains Priscila Adong of Senior 2T.

We believe that the ability to see the face of Christ in others, and to serve them as we would serve him, is an important aspect of peace building. These small acts of solidarity help to open the doors and hearts of our community members – making them receptive to hearing our message of peace.

We hope that the small seeds that the girls have planted will grow and that our community will become more peace loving.

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